Wire Break on Wire Wound Ceramic Inductor

Can someone explain or share experience regarding Wire Wound Ceramic Inductor?
I experience some issue related to wire break which cause open issue

In my opinion, temperature could be the causes. But I found that the break is not only happen on the soldering area

It would be much appreciated for some insight sharing and what must I consider for using wire wound ceramic inductor

What is the specific manufacturer/part number, a data sheet is needed for specific advise.

Are you following the manufacturers soldering instructions from the data sheet?

I’m asking for general advise as the problem I encounter is not only for specific part number. The defect rate is low but it is concerning for me

If you are following the manufacturer’s multiple soldering rules for the multiple specific parts including, acceptable methods (e.g. reflow, wave, hand), type of solder, recommended temperature profile, maximum temperature etc., there should be very close to zero part failures.