Wire Gauge?

------Question for MF52C1103F3380 Please Put your question below------

What gauge wire is attached to the thermistor. Also could you tell me the insulation o.d. if possible.

Hello tyler.langley and welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.

I am reaching out to our Product Specialist to see if they can advise on this. We will report back our findings.

According to the part number breakdown on the datasheet the C1 after MF52 indicates the lead style. Here is the information from the datasheet for that lead style.


It lists the wire size as .26 mm +/- .05, which is closest to 30 in AWG, however it doesn’t list the insulation thickness. We will have to wait for the Product Manager to get that specification.

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Hello Tyler.langley,

Apologizes for the delay, but we did receive word from the manufacturer.
The wire for these parts is 30AWG 200v high temp fluorin-pastic wire.

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Thank you for the follow up. Have a great weekend.

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