Wireless sensors construction sites


I’m looking for a wireless sensor to use on construction sites, able to measure temperatures and cracks on the ground and also which is waterproof. I’ve found many online but cannot decide.
Some recommandation would help a lot,


Hi again,

I’ve done some reasearch yesterday and found this device : Piconode wireless data logger - Loadsensing - WorldsensingWorldsensing . This product match most of my needs, but not all of them:
-It has a low battery (I need a long life battery)
-Long range communication up to 10 km but I’ll need one up to 20 km.

Could you recommend me a device similar to tthis one but matching these 2 requirements ?

Thanks in advance


I looked at our options . I did not see anything like the part you listed . Plus none of the loggers we had listed any battery life. Though the loggers we had did not list the same type of devices as the part you found. There was nothing similar in our system.