Wish to find maximum analog value from multiple inputs

I have a set of analog signals and I wish to find which input has the maximum value and output a digital encoding of that input. Presently, I’m using an 8 channel ADC and a micro-controller to accomplish this. However, since my only purpose is to pick the maximum, it seems an array of analog components can vastly simplify this and increase performance.

I know a cascade of analog comparator\analog multiplexor combos piped to encoding logic will accomplish this. However, it seems like something like this might be available in a single package or more simply accomplished with other components.

Any key words I can search for to get something light this?

@kdharbert Thank you for your inquiry. To the best of my knowledge, there is not one single component that can accomplish this task. It will take multiple components to complete.

How about putting diodes in series will your voltage inputs , and then connecting the cathode of these diodes together to an ADC, something like this

You have to account for the voltage across the diode, Vout will always be (Max input voltage - diode voltage drop).