WP80 irons do not fit properly in a WSR 201 holder

------Question for T0051517599N Please Put your question below------

It seems this WSR 201 (T0051517599N) is the replacement for the obsoleted WDH 10
(T0051512199N) soldering Iron holder.
When I put a WP80 soldering pencil in the new WSR 201 holder it touches on the wire retainer.
When the WP80 soldering pencil is placed in the old WDH 10 holder it does not touch the wire retainer.
When the hot iron touching on the wire retainer it causes the wire retainer to bleed heat from the iron and slowly melts the surrounding plastic. This causes the wire retainer to become loose.

Are we doing something wrong/ using the wrong holder?

See attached photo of the differences between the holders.

The wire retainer can be moved up with a pair of pliers so that it is not on the iron.

The retainer may also be flipped to so the ends of the wire are not visible.

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Hello james.evans,

I can see that the T0051517599N is the Manufacture’s recommended replacement for the T0051512199N. If it’s resting against the wire retainer, it won’t be long before it wrecks the holder from melting the plastic. I have sent this issue to our product specialist that deals with these products, and I will let you know what I find out.

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Your photo is of the old design, but I tried it on the new design and this does fix it. Thanks!

On a different note, can you buy the top part separately? We have found it does not pass a “drop test” :-).

I have looked and I do not see that the top part is available separately.

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