WT1010N RS232 Communication

WT1010N-ND come with feature RS232 protocol for Automation and Control. Where can i get the information on how to connect the device via RS232? what is the converter or communication able to use? is that available in DIGI-KEY website? what is the RS232 communication protocol to communicate with the device?

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. I put in a request for this information and will post when I get it, thanks.

Received this information, 79-WX2021N.pdf (micro-semiconductor.hk) . Is this the information you’re looking for ?

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Thank you but this is not what im looking for.

The document should include connector pin detail and communication command information.

Please do not hesitate to call me if need any more information.

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Here is the manufacturer information. There is no converter needed, it is just a RJ 6 pin connector. The connection will depend on the controller your are trying to communicate with. No we do not provide the SW as we do not make any controller like PLC or others.
Here is a new App Note for Protocol link:
WT_rs232protocol_gb_rev3_.pdf (518.3 KB)

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