XBee and Serial Communication/BeagleBone Black and Variants



I am new to AT Commands and I would like a jump-start on this idea. I have found some resources but not too many. If you have a good set of AT Commands for the XBee and Wireless Connectivity Kit via PC and BBB, please come forward.

I sure could use some support.


P.S. If you get bored and have time to send some info. on AT Commands, please tell me.


Hi @silver2row,
There are multiple libraries for these devices, for example:

Nodejs: https://github.com/jankolkmeier/xbee-api
Python: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/XBee




Thank you for the resources. I was unaware of those specific libraries.



Hello Again Sir,


I found this site, https://github.com/digidotcom/python-xbee, for working w/ Python and Xbee modules. I just wanted to update you and anyone else who is using Xbee and Python.

So…whoop, there it is.