Zilog ZMotion Detection Products

The Zilog ZMOTION Detection and Control and Intrusion Detection product families provide integrated and flexible solutions for Passive Infrared (PIR)-based motion detection applications. These product families are based on the ZMOTION microcontroller featuring integrated PIR motion detection algorithms.

In order to realize the wide-angle sensing capacity of PIR sensors, a number of Lenses are designed to work with infrared source through refraction and reflection to the designed specification of lens grooves.

For example, when using Zilog’s ZAA09GIT1 lens, it is recommended to install the grooved side facing the IR detector, and curve the lens at a 0.9 inch (22.9 mm) radius around the sensitive area of the detector. The detector position should be 0.492" (12.5 mm) below the upper edge, and centered left-right. The end user will need to manufacture their own mounting for this system.

Here is the Lens Specification document from Zilog.

ZMOTION Evaluation Kits are available.