0.9" OLED 128×32 12 PINS

Hi, I’m looking for 0.91" OLED 128×32 12 PINS.
Can’t seem to find it in the products as there is too many, please help. Anyone know please email me at oridojurie@gmail.com or just reply here. Need it asap.

Thank you so much!


To locate products we have listed that match this description, start by searching for the most basic term describing what you’re looking for; I would suggest “display”.

Then, look through the product families that are returned for one that seems likely to match your interests. You’re looking for an OLED display;the suggested search term lists the “Display Modules - LCD, OLED, Graphic” right at the top. That’s a good bet.

You can select your desired display format; 128x32 and 32x128 could potentially both meet your description. Select them and apply filters. (include similar values if you have flexibility to do so)

Your desired physical screen size would be another thing to filter on, again selecting similar values if flexibility to do so exists.

Such a process should leave you with these products. “12 pins” is not a very useful piece of descriptive information for specifying a device; different (incompatible) devices with such a pin count may exist, and potentially usable devices may have more or fewer. Overall, it sounds like a description that may have been provided by somebody who was referring to a known device from a known manufacturer; in such cases providing the manufacturer name and part number is rather more helpful.