10-position coded rotary switch, breadboard-friendly?

I’ve got some nice 10-position coded rotary switches, but they are not breadboard-friendly. Got suggestions? Am looking for single-position SPST switches for breadboard as well, I’ve got some tiny DIPs but would like to make it a bit more finger-friendly…

For a 10 position rotary switch that supports breadboards you can check out CKN12267-ND
RTAP4ES10M25NS C&K | Switches | DigiKey

For breadboard SPST switches you can check out toggle switches:
Toggle Switches | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey


Many thanks! How about a coded rotary, one that outputs with four binary pins?

Are you looking for a BCD output, a hexadecimal output, or a gray code output?

Unfortunately we don’t have a shafted 10 position encoder. However, below is a link to slightly more position PCB encoders we do carry for you to look through:

Encoders | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

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