Single-position slide DIP switch for breadboard use?

------Question for DS04-254-1L-01BK Please Put your question below------

I’m looking for a single-position slide DIP switch which will secure easily in a breadboard. Will this one do well? Is there another better?

Hello Jeb,

The CUI Devices DS04-254-1L-01BK is a reasonable fit for a breadboard. The footprint is based on a 0.1 in centers - the same as the traditional DIP circuits for which the breadboard was designed.

Note that there are many configurations for this family including 1 to 12 position switches.

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P.S. There are alternatives. One way to locate them is to perform a reverse lookup. Click the “Select All” box as shown in this picture. Then unselect all parameters that are not critical to your application. For example, if we unselect SPDT, 1 position, and length, we discover more switches from the same family.

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