110v-220v AC-AC converter that is UL certified

We need a AC-AC converter with input 110Volts and output 220Volts that is UL certified. We are from the Netherlands/Europe and manufacture air ventilation systems for the European market with 220V AC power supply. Now we want to sell to a company in the USA, and therefore we need a converter. We prefer to put the converter inside our device, with a power cable attached that you can plug into a power socket (USA style). Because we want to install the converter on the inside of our device, it needs to be small. Do you have a product that meets these requirements?

Hello Sander and welcome to the Forum, we do not have an AC/AC adapter that goes up that high. The highest I saw was 24VAC out.

“Transformer” is the general term for devices that convert one AC voltage to another. There are products in both the autotransformer and power transformer families which potentially would be of use. The AC-AC converter family mentioned above houses only plug-in type “wall wart” devices of the sort that were popular some decades ago, but which since have been supplanted by DC-output devices.

Identifying the current requirements of your device would be necessary to make an appropriate selection.

Hi Michael, thanks for checking. Do you perhaps have an advice where I can purchase it?

Hi Rick,

I’ve been away for a while, so that’s why I’m only responding now. Maybe you can still help me. So we need a transformer that does the following; we manufacture 220VAC rated air ventilation systems. We want to deliver some of these to the United States. We want to place a transformer in our device that converts the 220V to 110V, with a power cable for a 110V socket. So we don’t want a transformer outside our device, or one that you place in the socket. Our product operates on a maximum of 50 Watts. Do you know if you have a device for this, and which selection I have to make for that? Thanks

Transformers we have that maybe an option Click here

if you are looking for an ac to ac power supply we do not have a matching part

If your device draws 50W, you’d need a transformer rated for at least 50VA. Not knowing how your consumption rating is derived however, I’d suggest something a bit larger. Regardless, you’ll want to qualify whatever device you choose in context of your application.

In theory an autotransformer would be the lowest-cost option, though standard transformers could conceivably be used as well. After selecting for power rating, I’d select for devices having either the 110 or 220 (or adjacent) voltages listed for either primary or secondary voltages (transformers work in both directions…) sort by price ascending, in stock, and see what’s available at the quantities desired.

Based on these criteria, N-2X and 120-0F would be two specific part numbers I’d recommend for consideration.

Thanks for the advice Robert.

Thanks for the advice Rick.