12 bit Quad I2C DAC with Reset to Hi-Z

I’m looking for a Quad 12 bit I2C DAC similar to the MCP4728. The option to Reset to Hi-Z at power up would to ideal but an EEPROM power up setting like the MCP4725/8 should work too. I have played with the MCP4725 but I need three channels and most allow only the same two I2C address options. Something with an Arduino library would also be preferred but sending commands out the Wire/I2C port is fine. I don’t have a specific update rate or settle rate in mind, I suspect most modern chips will satisfy my requirements. Any suggestions?

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. We have these DAC options currently available in stock. These are 12 bit, I2C, Quad DAC’s that may work for your application.