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Will i get only the RTL SDR or RTL SDR along with the whole kit

Hello Farhan,
Welcome to Community,

Part WRL-22957 includes an SDR-RTL BLOG V3 USB Dongle with a Multipurpose Dipole Antenna Kit.

Dear Aayushi,

Could you please provide details on what’s included in the multipurpose dipole antenna kit?

Hi Farhan,

It includes:

  • SDR-RTL BLOG V3 USB Dongle
  • Multipurpose Dipole Antenna Kit
    • 2 sets of telescoping VHF/UHF antennas
      • 2 x 23cm to 1m telescopic antennas
      • 2 x 5cm to 13cm telescopic antennas
    • Dipole Antenna Base with 60cm RG174
    • 3-meter RG174 extension cable
    • Flexible Tripod Mount
    • Suction Cup Mount