2040-ALEV100-BASN-ND Contactor Diode

Hi, I’m a begineer on electrical/electronics stuff.

I wanted to know whether this contactor/relay have a diode/flyback diode?

If no, do I need to install a diode and what type/model of diode is recommended?

Next question to this, can I use this contactor/relay as a switch for a high current car audio amplifier?



Contactor : https://www.digikey.my/en/products/detail/ALEV100-BASN/2040-ALEV100-BASN-ND/14120041?itemSeq=383374047


From what I am seeing this would not have a Diode built into it.
You can use a diode with this. “150-APT100D60B2G-ND” is what I had found. Where if you need it would depend on what is triggering it. If it is a heavy duty switch, if may not be needed. However anything else may need it to protect them.

For the last question, I would say so if the amp’s current rating is lower than 100A.