2070 Super SMD Resistor Help

Hello guys,
i’m looking a specific smd resistor that i blew off after trying to remove the power connectors
have u got any idea of what is it?
thank you

Hi Daniele,
Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. Do you know the resistance value or have any markings from the part you can provide? What are the dimensions? We need more information to enable us to assist with your request.

dimensions are like 1.5mmx1mm and i don’t have the tool to measure resistance etc
specifically it’s a zotac twin turbo 2070 super

Hello Daniele,

Thank you for your inquiry. The only way to find this out would be if you had a parts list or schematic and could possibly figure it out that way. Unfortunately we do not have schematics for circuits, you may need to contact the manufacturer for this.

ok i’ll contact directly zotac and i’ll hope they will answer me, i’ll report back
thank you

nothing to do, they won’t share information to end users. i’ve no words about that, just for asking an smd capacitor.
now i’ve looked on aliexpress and i found this

i’m going to get the 2.2uF version rated for max 16v(x5r)
i think it’s the correct one because the pcie power connector is on 12v and i think that is the best i can buy
the dimensions are the same
what do you think about it?
if you have got a better version i’m ready to buy from you, i was doing a quick search