24 Pin USB C Power Port Replacement

Hello All! Any help will be appreciated! We have some Chromebooks that have USB C charge ports that are failing. We do some in-house micro soldering to help our division save some $$$ We are trying to find a replacement for this port. See pics below. I’ve looked through about 220 here on Digi-key untill my eyes were crossed. I did find one that looks like it may work which was a Lotes 2047? Is there a way to cross refrence it? Many thanks for any help for our school system!

The Lotes was on Ebay, the original has N4N written it


here are some ~ dimensions

Hello Blawson,

CLICK HERE for closest connectors I found.
I could not find any that matched your board support tabs.
Please check the datasheets for compatibility to your application.

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Thanks David, thats what I was finding as well. None seem to have the right layout. Was wondering if I could cut one set off, or somehow bent them out and get it to solder to the surface of the board…

Board-mounted connectors of this sort may be standardized on the pluggable side, but are typically quite unique on the permanently-mounted end. Headphone and DC power jacks suffer the same problem. It’s quite uncommon to find a serviceable alternative from other than the original supplier, but not impossible. The USB-C31-S-RA-CS12-BK-TR might be worth a look, and this is the short list that’d be looking at in any case.

Lotes is an overseas supplier that apparently does a lot of OEM business, but little to none through distribution channels in the west that I can tell. As such, suppliers of lesser repute may be the best option for finding replacements of direct compatibility.

Thank you Rick! I’ll have the bossman buy a few of those and get them on the way to see if I can slightly modify them to fit. Appreciate the info!