250 MHz single-tone signals using DDS evaluation boards AD9910/PCBZ

I am looking for DDSs (7-10 units or channels) with some digital (TTL) I/O channels (in case we want to set a signal from only one channel for a few seconds and then switch to a different channel) that can provide up to 250 MHz single-tone signals to drive AOMs (rf driving power is ~500 mW or less since we have amplifiers). We intend to operate either in continuous-constant power mode or long- pulsed mode (second-long pulses). We also expect that DDS can interface with a PC and preferably be controlled by a Python-written code.

Any suggestions? Can AD9910/PCBZ do that?

Welcome to the TechForum. I am looking into this for you.

I have looked at the part that you suggested and it only has 2 DAC outputs. One is filtered and the other is unfiltered. It can be commanded though the use an external controller, just be sure to set the correct jumpers. It does come with software to control it.

Hi Steven,
Thanks for your reply.
Does it mean if I get 7-10 units of AD9910/PCBZ evaluation boards, I can set up 7-10 HF channels and run them using a specified software?

The AD9910/PCBZ is an evaluation board for the AD9910 integrated circuit; it is designed to allow prospective adopters of the AD9910 device to exercise and evaluate the functions of that device in a test/laboratory environment. It incorporates a USB bridge device and some other support components, such that a person can conveniently connect a clock source, power supply, poke and click around in a GUI on a PC screen, and get an output signal.

Could a number of these devices be used/adapted for your purposes? Possibly, but the provided software is not geared toward such. Whether or not the analog output would be suitable for your needs or not remains to be seen, and any timing or synchronization issues you might desire to create between channels would be impacted by the nature of the control system/software that one would choose to implement.

Further resources are available at the manufacturer’s product page, including schematics for the board, the software GUI, etc. Ultimately, whether the board would be a suitable tool to achieve your desired end or not, is a decision that’s up to you.

Thanks for comprehensive response!