3M Glue Sticks (Hot Melt) - How Many Sticks in an 11lb box?

3M sells glue sticks by the pound. The most common is 11lb or 22lb box. Digi-Key sells the stocking parts per stick in our system (1=1stick). However, we do have customers that ask every so often how many sticks are in an 11lb or 22lb box? Below you’ll find a cheat sheet that provides those numbers. Please note the total numbers per box is an estimate, and it could be higher or lower by 1 or 2 sticks. It all depends on the poundage on the box.

Now that you know how many sticks are in each 11lb or 22lb box. You need to know how much Hot Melt you need to buy for coverage. The below format will yield approximately 430 linear ft/lb. All data based on 1/8" semi-circular bead size.