4 Layer Stack Doc for DKRed PCBs

Here is the 4 layer stack documentation:

DKRed - 4 layer Stackup v2.pdf (392.8 KB)

Thank you for this document. Is there an equivalent document for the DKRed 2 layer PCBs?

Hi is there a typo in the 4 Layer stack up? Lyr1 and Lyr4 are 0.5 oz and 1.80mils thick but Lyr2 and Lyr3 are 1oz but 1.20mils. Is there any reason the heavier layers would be thinner the lighter layers?

Should it actually be different? I think this combination would work: Lyr1 and Lyr4 are 1.5oz and 1.80mills; Lyr2 and Lyr3 are 1oz and 1.20 mils.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi SamFram, the board house did confirm that the stackup is correct, here’s exactly what they had to say:

The outer layers start with .5oz copper and an additional 1oz of copper is plated in the holes and the surface finishing at 1.5oz.

Hi @SamFran - an update with good news, the board house ended up providing a Stackup on the 2 layer. Here it is:

DKRed - 2 layer - v2.pdf (712.2 KB)


I am looking at the prepreg thickness, and comparing it with the Isola’s specs (https://www.isola-group.com/pcb-laminates-prepreg/370hr-laminate-prepreg/).
It seems like each prepreg is 4mils thick and two of them is used. I expect the prepreg thickness to be around 8mils but it is shown 7mils in the stackup documentation. Is there a reason why it is thinner than expected?