Top and Bottom Layer Copper Weight

DKRed’s website says it uses 1 oz copper. However, the 4-layer stack-up document shows 0.5 oz on the top and bottom layer. Additionally, the 2-layer stack-up I found in this forum post also lists 0.5 oz copper. What is the actual copper weight?

Four layer stack up document Provided Here indicates the 4 layer thickness is 0.5oz for the outer layers and 1 oz for the 2 inner

2 layer board is going to be 1oz for both layers As indicated in This Document.

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So is this document from this answer incorrect?

Thank you for following up.

I see what you mean by the discrepancy.

I’ve reached out to our team that supports DKRed, we’re looking into this for you and will respond as soon as we have further information.

We are working with the supplier to investigate and update any incorrect documentation.


Any updates on this?

Thank you for your follow up.

Our DK Red team has gotten back on this that the 1.80 thickness is Base Copper (Base CU) + Plating which is why it ends up being thicker than the 1oz layer.