PCB stackup specs for 4 layer fabrication 0.031" thickness

I need to have a 4-layer PCB fabricated, hopefully using DK Red.
I’m not sure whether it will be a 0.062" or 0.031" thick fabrication.
Is there a stackup spec for 0.031" thick boards?
I did see:
DKRed - 4 layer Stackup v2.pdf
which gives this info for 0.062" thick PCBs, but not 0.031".

Hello, currently 0.031" is not an option for DK Red. There are other options on the board builder that do work with the thickness you are wanting. I would suggest resetting to default and then starting out with the 0.031" selection 1st to see what options are available. I see at least 5 board companies.