403 error yet again

For a month, I was blocked by the Digikey server, then I sent numerous emails even to the president of the company.and filled out the form numerous times and of course, reset my Chrome browser numerous times and finally a few Weeks ago I could access the site. I’m not using a VPN even. Now, I’m ready to upload my BOM…bing bing…403 error,. blocked!


I can only guess how much this is costing your company in customer complaints. I live in Thailand, and cannot even access the Thai version of Digikey with a Thai Address.

Soon this will be the last straw and I’'ll just order everything from Mouser. maybe a little more expensive, but hassle free.

Sincerly, Pissed off Scott in Thailand.

Hello Scott,
Sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced with our website. Your information is being reviewed and I will post an update when I receive it.

Your issue has been reported to me as solved. Again sorry for the inconvenience in using our website. If you still have issues with this please let us know .