4068A identification

Hi, trying to identify a component for replacement but haven’t been successful, numbers are 4068A and below that 2038. Component has 8 leads plus another surface contact on the center. Belongs on a power supply board for a security camera and l believe is responsible for usb charging the camera battery pack, there is a power inductor mounted on the other side of the board. I can provide pictures if needed… thanks in advance!!

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I was unable to find anything that matched your description with these numbers.
If you can post a picture on the TechForum, we an see how it looks, and if there is any symbol for the manufacture.

Hi David, thanks for the welcoming. Here’s a few pictures of the component, the writing on the piece of paper is the manufacturer’s symbol and part number… thanks for looking up!!

Hello Rodneyrafuls,
I am sorry to inform you I do not recognize the logo and I also could not find any more information off those numbers.

HI Rodney,

Based on the logo, chip ID, package and the application, this could be Microne’s ME4068.


Could not download the datasheet with my browser, so cannot tell for sure.

Heke, AsamaLab

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Hello Rodney , Looks like the manufacture does not show information on the ic so I can not cross the part.

Bingo!! Thank you for taking the time Heke. This is the chip no doubt about it., thank you everyone who took the time to help.

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