4D Systems Resistive Touch Display with CAN Bus


Based on the datasheet of gen4-4DCAPE, P.19 and P.20 are used for CAPE identification via EEPROM in i2c protocol but these pins are also CAN0 pins. Additionally, P9.26 is used for touch interrupt which also a pin in CAN1 pins.
The question is: Is it possible for the gen4 resistive touch displays of 4D Systems to work with CAN protocol without losing the resistive touch feature?
Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


@shercon, in it’s default state no. We can disable the i2c pins and setup /boot/uEnv.txt to just auto load the overlay for that lcd. For the other pin, we’d need to disconnect that pin and move it to a spare one, while updating the device tree overlay for. A pair of these would help to isolate, just cut and move a few pins…