5V to ESP32 board, diff results from computer USB and wall wart

I’ve got an esp32 board (lilygo t-display s3) that runs perfectly fine when connected to the computers USB-C port (used for programming, etc.) but when I take that SAME USB-C cable and connect it to ANY 5V wall wart the display will not fully power. It is drawing under 2A and will power from a battery bank with the same cable…

I’ve contacted the board developer and there is nothing on their end causing this…

Is there a difference between USB-C 5V power from a USB Data cable and power from a 5V wall Wart through the same cable??

I pulled up the schematic for the S3 board and noticed they do not have anything wired up to CC1 or VConn, which is how the USB Type C often communicates current needs for upward facing ports. I think some USB type C compliant sourcing devices are going to have a hard time supplying your board what it needs because of this.


wow,… interesting, so it would be better to power this board either via the battery JST connector or directly to the rail… hmm thank you for confirming that!

THANK YOU for finding this and letting me know. I will pass it on to the community that uses these devices to see if the mfr will opt to correct this implementation.