9pin(?) circular DIN connecters

I have two Atari 2600 4-switch-style consoles that I am planning to mod with a CleanComp (composite/s-video and audio) IC from this site

to replace the old-school RF modulator/hard-wired RF cable so that I can use these on more modern TV/monitors. They also offer this cable

to use with it to replace the original RF cable. So in the end, this mod would still result in a permanently attached cable to the console.

I would like to take the mod a step further by having a installing a DIN-style connector on the console similar to this:


and then the cable would have the mating connector so that the cable can be separated from the console as needed for storage, etc…more like modern consoles today…

Could someone please direct me to appropriate connectors that would work well in an old-school Atari 2600 console and then it’s appropriate mate to go on the end of the cable for what I have in mind?

here is what I find



SC1610-ND din connector

Thank you, Robert. I won’t need the RCA connectors as those are already connected to the TV end of the cable.

I’m looking for DIN style connectors for the bare wire end of the cable that would then plug into a DIN style connector at the console that is wired to the IC inside the console. So that female connector and male connector are more what I am after, but after looking at the cable more carefully. It looks like I am definitely looking for a 9-position female and male connector, with the female receptacle/socketed connector on the console, and the male connector at the console end of the cable. This then will carry the luma/chroma and ground wires for the S-Video part of the cable along with the wires for the L-R Audio and composite video.

What you’re after would appear to be an 8-position connector, more so than a 9. Folks often don’t count the shell…

“Circular DIN” would be a good incantation to speak to the search bar, in order to summon the Circular Connector Assembly product family, pre-filtered to include the “DIN” string. Refine by shell size, pincount, and the usual stock criteria to end up with these.

Note that because DIN connectors of the type have captive contacts, they’re classified as connector “assemblies”. Were you after a connector of the sort where the contacts are loose/sold separately, you’d want to search for a “housing”.