About MFR:Rohm/SML-511UWT86R and Rohm/SML-512MWT86R

Hi All,
In Digi key website
we have MPN: SML-511UWT86 and SML-512MWT86 available with good stock
But we need MPN: SML-511UWT86R and SML-512MWT86R,
What actual difference between SML-511UWT86R and SML-511UWT86?
What actual difference between SML-512MWT86R and SML-511UWT86?
In the Datasheet it is referring to Brightness Rank.
But In Digi key we have SML-511UWT86 and SML-512MWT86
Kindly clarify the above case?, it possible to share the Label to get confirmation about the available stock.

Thank you

You can order these LEDs, and request the R brightness code. If that is available in the bin, then it will be shipped to you. If it’s not available, you will be contacted. I see both part numbers list the Millicandela Rating as 40mcd, which according to the datasheet, is probably the P or Q brightness group.