ROHM LED bulb substitute

I have a vintage JVC stereo that I am restoring. It has some burnt out LED bulbs. According to the service manual, the ROHM part numbers of the LEDs are:

These are obsolete so I am looking for a good substitute for these. I can’t find any technical info on them. If I must, I will open up the stereo and try to measure a voltage at the LEDs and then make an educated guess about what I need, but I’d feel better if I could just cross reference to something.

Could this be a fit for one of them? The part number is really close to one of the two

Thanks for any help

Hello @foley.dan ,

Thank you for your inquiry. A lens diameter measurement and voltage measurement would be ideal, however I have a sneaking suspicion the LEDs are 3mm diameter, with about 2v@20mA, and aren’t the brightest maybe around 20 to 30 mcd.

Below would be my best guess:
Regarding SLH-34VC3F
754-1606-ND for Red LED

Regarding SLR-34DC3F
754-1892-ND for Orange LED

If you find out they are larger lens such as 5mm, or slighlty higher voltage etc, Click Here for additional options. Please review datasheet specification before ordering.


Here are a couple more options , I am not able to verify either of those part numbers anywhere , I cannot confirm the SLH or just the 34 in the first part nunber by looking at the data sheet for the SLR-343DC3F the part number break out shows that the V would be Red C is Transparent Colored 3F is 1 element for the SLH-34VC3F I found a red SLR-343VC3F Digi-key part number 846-SLR-343VC3F-ND this part is in stock .

For the SLR-34DC3F , SLR is 1-Die Circular Type LED Lamps , I cannot confirm just the 34 D is Orange C is Transparent Colored 3F is 1 element. our part numnber 846-SLR-343DC3F-ND This is a non-stock part with a 2000 pc minimum .

I am not sure if these will work as replacements or not . you will have to look at the data sheets to see if they will work for you .

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