Vintage Stereo Receiver LED lights help

Digikey suggested I reach out here. Want to replace led in JVC R-S33. The original part numbers from 1980 are SLB-26GG which is a green and SLB-26UR which is red. They are rectangular size about 1.9mm x 4.85mm. Trying to find a replacement. Anyone out there can help? Thanks


LEDs that are currently in stock having lens dimensions in that general ballpark can be found here.

Thank you. How about matching the lens? The codes GG for green and UR for red. Do not understand how to match the colors.

The probability of finding specifications for a indicator LED manufactured 20 years before the internet was really a thing isn’t high, and they’re sort of a generic item these days anyhow. The typical approach to replacement in this sort of scenario would be to pick one that fits and has the same nominal color, and take what one gets. 754-1202-ND and 67-1046-ND would be two to try, if you’d like specific suggestions.

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Guess the best way to match colors in a specific area of the display is to replace all the colors with new colors.

How can I test the existing LEDs in the display to see if they are still good with a multimeter?
They may not be coming on due to a bad solder spot. Thanks.

If more than a few volts DC is present across the leads of an in-circuit LED that should be illuminated but is not, that’s a good indication that the LED has experienced an open-circuit failure. A more conclusive approach is to remove the device and use the meter’s diode test function.

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