About Zero-Ohm Resistor Power Rating

Inquiries concerning the maximum power rating of a zero-ohm resistor is one of the more frequent questions we receive from customers.

There are two parameters, not normally listed on the datasheet, often used to calculate resistor power handling. One is the tolerance specification. Zero-ohm resistors do not have a tolerance specification. That figure is normally called out as plus-or-minus some percentage of the nominal value of the resistor, which is meaningless at zero ohms.

The second parameter is the maximum power rating, which seems unnecessary as their dissipation is defined by I2R and R here is 0 ohms. However, a zero-ohm resistor is not perfect. Some manufacturers do specify a maximum actual resistance at a rated current, so the rated power can be calculated with the equation I2R. As an example, RK73Z2HTTE from KOA Speer specifies in its datasheet that there is a 50mohm maximum resistance under the condition of maximum continuous current 2A, so its rated power can be obtained.


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