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Configurable AC/DC Power Supply Chassis products are the outermost component of a user-configurable power supply system. Such systems are modular in nature, allowing rapid construction of semi-custom power conversion products by the insertion of output-specific conversion modules into an outer chassis that provides mechanical containment and typically a number of electrical factors that are common/shared among the conversion modules, such as rectification and power factor correction. Product series represented in this family are user-configurable and do not require specialized tools or training for assembly.


Specifications to determine which AC/DC configurable power supply chassis is right for your application.

Type: The type of equipment or environment the device will be used in, they are tested and typically rated by a third party to ensure certain minimum standards for the application they are intended for. You could use one with a higher rating, but you cannot use one with a lower rating as it will fail in that application. For example, you could use a medically rated device to replace a commercial device, but you cannot replace the medical device with the commercial device.

Available Types

High Reliability, COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf)
Meets the reliability and environmental requirements for the military electronics industry. Ideal for radar, communications, testing, measurement, and data acquisition applications.

High Temperature
Designed for use in applications with high ambient temperatures.

Designed to meet the standards for use in medical applications.

Medical, Low Noise
Designed to meet the standards for use in medical applications but produces less acoustic noise.

Medical, Ultraquiet
Designed to meet the standards for use in medical applications but produces the least amount of acoustic noise.

Designed for use in typical environments, such as industrial equipment, printing, automation equipment, telecommunications, testing, and measurement.

Standard, Low Noise
Designed for use in typical environments but produces less acoustic noise.

Standard, Ultraquiet
Designed for use in typical environments, but produces the least amount of acoustic noise.

Number of Positions: How many slots it has for power modules to be inserted.

Voltage - Input: Typically represented by a range, this indicates the low and high voltage limits which one can expect standard operation. Voltages outside this range may damage the device and other system components.

Power (Watts): Maximum amount of power the device can provide - due to losses you generally want your applications power needs to be between 40%-60% of what your power supply can provide.

Voltage-Isolation: Maximum voltage the device can withstand for one second and still maintain electrical isolation.

Efficiency: Ratio of output power to input power, typically measured at nominal voltage under full load.

Features: These are different capabilities of the power supply such as conformal coating, temperature alarm, remote sense, etc.

Available Features

Conformal Coating
All the components and circuity are coated in a protective layer.

Fan Fail
Signal indicating that at least one of the fans in the power supply is failing to operate.

Reverse Fan
Has reverse air flow, ideal for dispelling air from the system.

Remote Sense
Uses extra sensing wires to detect voltage drop from the cables and compensate for it at the output.

Designed for applications subject to shock or vibration.

Temperature Alarm
Signal indicating excessive temperature has been reached. This could be due to environmental factors or fan failure. Typically tripping this alarm will shut down the system.

Operating Temperature: Recommended operating temperature, typically given in a range or as a maximum. Exceeding these temperatures may affect performance or damage the device and other system components.

Size/Dimensions: The physical dimensions of the device, typically, length and width.

Height: The height of the device.

Approval Agency: Meets the minimum safety standards of the approving agency. These agencies are either government entities or private third-party labs that protect consumer safety.

Approval Agencies

Certified Body (CB) is an international symbol that is recognized by most of the world, also known as c-tick certification. It is administered following requirements of the Conformity Assesment Accreditation an independent non-profit organization.

CE (Conformité Européenne)
Manufacturer’s declaration that it meets the legal requirements of the European Economic Area.

Identifies products that meet North American standards, including those from CSA Group and Underwriters Laboratory.

CSA (Canadian Standards Association)
Identifies products acceptable in Canada and the United States.

Identifies products that meet Unerwiters Laboratories standards as tested by TÜV Rheinland.

Issued by Underwriters Labratory identifies components that meet U.S and Canadian standards for safety.

EAC (Eurasian Conformity)
Identifies products that meet the Eurasian Economic Union requirements.

European Standards that are established and monitored by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), and the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC).

Identifies products that meet International Electrotechnical Commission requirements.

NEMKO (Norges Elektriske Materiellkontroll)
A private organization that provides testing and certification for an array of safety standards.

TUV (Technischer Überwachungsverein)
Identifies products that have been tested and meet all regional, national, and international regulations. It is globally recognized.

UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.)
Identifies products that have been tested and meet UL safety requirements.

Standard Number: The standard(s) used by the approval agency.



MFR PART # CX06S-0000-N-A
DIGI-KEY PART # 633-1322-ND
MANUFACTURER Advanced Energy
DESCRIPTION 600 W 4 Slot AC DC Configurable Power Supply Chassis


DESCRIPTION 1200 W 6 Slot AC DC Configurable Power Supply Chassis


MANUFACTURER Advanced Energy
DESCRIPTION 750 W 4 Slot AC DC Configurable Power Supply Chassis


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