Adafruit Stemma/Stemma QT

Adafruit introduced its STEMMA and STEMMA QT board options in 2018. They have incorporated JST PH or JST SH connectors (shown in red boxes below) to allow for plug and play simplicity on some of their boards in addition to the classic pin header option (shown in green box below). We will include “STEMMA” in our description if these boards come equipped with the plug and play connector option.


There are a few readily available cable assemblies or connector to jumper cables, but you may be interested in creating your own assembly to fit your individual needs. Linked below are the housing part numbers. Contacts and wire will need to be purchased separately.

Adafruit STEMMA boards utilize 2.0mm JST PH Series 3 or 4 pin housings

Adafruit STEMMA QT boards utilizes a 1.0mm JST SH Series 3 or 4 pin housings

Reference: Adafruit STEMMA/STEMMA QT – What is STEMMA? | Adafruit STEMMA & STEMMA QT | Adafruit Learning System