Aligning pin labels

I haven’t used Scheme-It in years, no time for the hobby. I took an old design to alter it and am having great difficulty with the pin labels. I want them aligned like you can see on the screenshot for the part that looks tidy. I can’t really access the property of the old labels to check how I did this, but I can alter them.

However, when I add new pins, I can change the font size to my preferred Arial 8 pts, but the labels no longer align. It is a miracle how I did this back in 2018… How to set the label size and location correctly? I can drag them but that is a cumbersome process, they were ligned out automatically.

In the library “ports” I see some predefined sources, like +5V. How to alter these, or do I need to create a new one from scratch? I need to express +8V rather then any of the predefined ones. Same for if I want “Vpp” instead of any of the predefined sources.

Hello @georgedb

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I have looked around the Scheme-It software and was not able to find a solution to your problem in the way that you are doing it besides dragging the text box.

Interestingly, I found out that if you create your own symbol using “Build Your Symbol,” you are able to adjust the text positioning to be right or left of whatever mark you are trying to make. In this case, you might be able to adjust the text automatically by importing the symbol to this interface or creating from scratch.

Sorry I wasn’t able to find a better solution.

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Thanks so much for your kind reply.
I just the symbol editor to create some other elements, but it is very, very buggy. Your colleague sent me a private mail to report my findings as feedback, but unfortunately the feedback form only has room for text. I’ll try to see if there is an email address to send the PDF I created, with all screenshots, to.

FindingsScheme-it.pdf (188.8 KB)
I hope this helps, found this functionality, perfect.

Thank you for the detailed feedback. I will forward this on.


Thanks, Curtis.
In case a Teams call would be needed, I’m happy to assist; for the issues
mentioned and for further improvements.

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George de Bouter