Allowable connector types for power supply screw terminals

I’m using an SE-600-12 power supply. To connect wires to the V+ and V- terminals on the power supply, a previous user had attached small connectors shaped like an upside-down U to the wires, and plugged these connectors into the screw terminals. By googling around, I think the U-shaped connectors are something like the “Insulated Fork Spade U-Type Wire Connectors” that are available for sale through Amazon. My question is, we don’t seem to have any more of these connectors around the lab; are they necessary, or can I simply shove the end of my wires into the terminals?


It rather depends on one’s definition of “necessary.” Use of connectors of that sort is helpful with stranded wires, to prevent stray strands from causing shorts and having the connection loosen over time. With solid wire, they’re not quite as compelling.

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The wire can be inserted into the terminals but I would recommend using the spade connectors to ensure the best connection depending on the type of wire that you are using.

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