Alternative for amphenol ALTW


I am looking to replace the plug on my 5 year old sons electric motorcycle. It is a Husqvarna electric bike, the plug is a customized part for them and I am having no luck in getting one from them or Amphenol. They are telling me to buy a whole new battery ($800). I refuse to pay that much when it only needs a $10-$25 plug. Can you help me find a different plug (Male and female) that I can replace their plug with?



I have submitted an inquiry to see if this is something we can supply.

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Hello @Donjoy2

The Product Specialist checked with the manufacturer. Unfortunately, the connector is a customized part. The manufacturer suggested that you contact the OEM of the equipment the connector is out of for a replacement. Sorry, that we are not able to order this connector.

Hello @Donjoy2 ,

If you are thinking of trying to rewire using something like 24204635 might be an option for a replacement.

It would mate to part 24204131

A little more work but might be an alternative to the $800 battery.