Alternative to J310 N-Channel JFET Amplifier

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I have an existing circuit the uses 2 x J310’s. I would like to replace them with some equivalent.

I checkout out the end of life document that did not provide any alternatives. I did come across another reference that suggested the J310G, that was then subsequently discontinued again with not alternatives.

I also used the Digikey cross reference search and zero results were returned

The closest I could find is maybe the J211.

I tried comparing the datasheets but not sure how to interpret the different variables.

Any suggestion or guidance is welcome.

J310 datasheet:
J211 datasheet:,MMBFJ210-12.pdf

Hi @Samper, I reached out to Linear Integrated Systems, and they recommended to take a look at 3218-J310TO-923L-ND as a possibility.

Here’s the datasheet:

Thanks @Lindsay_1029 for proactively calling a supplier, much appreciated.

I noticed that the part is in fact listed at but not I tried requesting a quote but the part number returned “Invalid Part for Currency”.

Would this mean that I’d have to purchase the part from and have them ship to Canada? IN this case should I just place my whole order from or is there a way to source the part through


(sorry this is late, I’m just reading this now)

I believe if you switch the currency to USD, you can still use, but you’d have to try it.

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