American to Philippines LED light fixture

I moved to the Philippines about a year ago. I brought with me my last trip 10 LED light fixtures from america (small puck lights) They are rated for 120volt power. I know these fixtures will not work in the Philippines. The voltage we have here is 230volt single leg power. My experience is limited on circuit board knowledge. I am an electrical contractor in the states, but I know very little on electronics. so here is my question if I change the 120volt 47uf capacitor to a 250volt 47uf would this allow the fixture to operate normally and safely.

Not likely, odds are very high that simply changing the capacitor and plugging them in will produce sparks and dead puck lights.

LEDs run on low voltage DC so the lights have a AC to DC power supply circuit in them. You’d need to change the power supply design to accommodate the doubled AC input voltage.