Look for a replacement for a Harvard Technology LED driver

Harvard doesn’t sell parts to the USA anymore. Just need a replacement driver.

The LED Driver I located is from AC Electronics part number ACE-H20-55-380C, Digi-Key part number 2352-ACE-H20-55-380C-ND. For the US web link click here

This through one of Digi-Key’s MarketPlace partners so it only available for online ordering not the Digi-Key sales group

I agree with John. That appears to be our best option, it has slightly higher current but “should” work depending if your LEDs can handle 380mA of current instead of the original 350mA.

It may be a good idea to hook up a potentiometer or resistance based wall dimmer like the ip710 set to “max resistance” to the dimming outputs before power if you are worried about sending too much power to the LEDs. The only other options are programmable type which may be more of a headache for you: