Amp Repair

Trying fix a broken amp out my car and need identification of parts on board to test them I’ve bought 2 amps already and would like try to repair before I buy another. I know this alot of Id of parts but any input would help as I cant find anything online.

Toyota 86280-53110
Pionner GM8157ZT
I can provide picture as it dissembled I will up load as soon as possible.

Hello @Roflsandwich,

Unfortunately I was not able to identify any parts off those markings. If you are able to provide a picture it may aid in identifying the part or type of part you are looking at.


Yes sorry for late response
It has the markings of 427 and the black box before and after witch I believe is just markings of FR and D811 has corrosion around it witch I would have to de-soider to get markings

427 is referred as R941on board and black box is referred as Q932 and Q931

The red line is where a 427 broke off when cleaning to see damage amp is located in trunk by a vent that has failed. So it had a lot of dust and dirt on it, along with rust since failed vent allowed it to get wet also

I dont if it salvageable even with corrosion/ water damage can upload more pictures if needed but this is the side that got wet

The board marking of R941 would seem to indicate that the part is a resistor. The 3 digit marking often indicated resistance, however 427 would not be a standard code. Normally speaking 42 would be significant and 7 would indicate number of zeros or. 427 would seem to indicate 42M resistance value, though not a common value. I would double check that. Physical size measurement may help determine wattage range though you will likely not be able to identify the exact part.

It looks like a power path circuit having a P-type pass element (PNP transistor or P-type MOSFET). The missing resistor is between the Emitter and Base (or Source and Gate) to ensure that the pass element is off when the Base (or Gate) is not pulled down (by the other transistor in the picture). Marking 427 does not sound correct (would suggest 420Mohm value, which certainly is not used in that circuit). Could it be 472? What is the marking on the adjacent resistor?

The copper route from the rightmost black box (transistor) going under the diode (barrel shaped black component) looks “brown”. Is it dirt or is it the actual color of the track? If it is not dirt, that suggests that there has been a short circuit, which means that also the transistor is most probably broken (and something else, which caused the short circuit). You could try some generic P-FET and a, say, 100kohm resistor ( DMG2305UX-13DICT-ND, RR08P100KDCT-ND, assuming the transistor is in SOT-23 package and the resistor in 0603 package, cannot say sure from the photo).