Analog Devices AD9683-250EBZ Connector Type

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I had an information about this board, AD9683-250EBZ from the Analog Devices representatives that the connector type on these boards should be FMC connectors and not Tyco. The Tyco connector based boards should have been already obsolete. However in all the schematics and pictures in Digikey product page it is shown as Tyco connectors.

This is important for me to know before I purchase the item but still there is a contradiction on the information.

Did anyone purchased this board and see that the connectors are actually FMC but not Tyco? Could you please help me to understand?

Could anyone from Digikey help to understand what is the actual connectors on this board?

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Hi omer,

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I have sent an inquiry to see if we can find out which version we currently have. Will notify you as soon as we get this information.

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Hi @omer,

We took a photo of the board, and it is definitely the newer FMC connector. Here’s an image of the bottom side:

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Hello @David_1528 , Thank you very much!

Then I will now purchase this board.
And if possible, please also update the schematics and datasheets on the relevant page regarding to the new vesion of this board. They are also outdated as it seems.

You can close this ticket.

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