What is Aoyue Mod?
Do the soldering tweezers plug into wall socket or into a station?
What temperature in Celsius degrees do the soldering tweezers reach?
Does the AON-1305 Flat Tip attach to AOT004?

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In regards to your questions, The Aoyue Mod is referring to the Series Aoyue from SRA Soldering Products.

The AOT004 Soldering Tweezers will Plug into a Station Not a wall socket.
The Stations that will work with the AOT004 are AO701A++ and AO968A+

The AO701A++ will have a Temp range of 392°F ~ 896°F (200°C ~ 480°C) so that will be the Temp range for the AOT004 Tweezer. So with that the Max temp will be the 480°C.
The AO968A+ will have a Temp Range of 212°F ~ 896°F (100°C ~ 480°C). The Max temp will be the same.

Yes the AON-1305 Flat Tip will work on the AOT004

If you have any questions Please let is know.

Hello: Thank You for Your inquiry. These tweezers are plugged into a solder station. They do not plug into the wall.

The AON-1305 are a related product for AOT004, meaning these tips will fit these tweezers.

There are 110vac and 220vac version availalbe


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Thanks. Are there other flat tips available?