APC UPS SMT1500I Capacitor Equivalent

Hi, Does anyone know of an equivalent for the Epcos B41607-A7278-M9 2700uf (M) 40V Capacitor?

Thanks in advance,

Welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum dave.wilson38
The closest alternate to the size, is 732-8786-ND.
This one can handle 63V max, but has a max temperature of 85°C
Another option is 565-4627-ND, which can handle 50V Max, and has a max temperature of 125°C, but is smaller sized.
We do not have an exact replacement to the size or the 150°C temperature.
Please check the daasheet to verify compatibility to your application.

Thank you, the 732-8786-ND should work great. many thanks for your time and help it is much appreciated.