Equivalent to EPCOS B41605E8278M2

hi Team,

can you suggest an equivalent capacitor to the EPCOS B41605E8278M2?
how important is the ripple voltage when selecting a capacitor for a DC circuit?

thanks, Deven

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. I wasn’t able to find a good alternate to offer for this part.

If the DC circuit is a switching power supply, pulse generator, PWM driver, etc., then the ripple spec can be important to achieve the designed operating life.

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Hi Paul & Steve,

Thanks for your valuable insights.
The caps are being used in an inverter in the configuration as per the picture attached.

SMA 8.0_bad cap2

The 3-point attachment of the reference device is a less common variation. It would appear on first inspection though, that a 2-terminal type with similar pin spacing might very well fit. LGY1J272MELZ40 could be one worth trying.

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@rick_1976 …indeed a good substitute, something closer to the 7A ripple current spec of the original part would have been great or do you think thats not relevant in this application?

Certainly preferable, but the reference part seems like a bit of an outlier in that dimension and hard to match from available stocks.

It appears that the failed device is one of five in parallel. A replacement with higher ESR/lower ripple rating wouldn’t share ripple current evenly with the rest, but it’s probably an improvement compared to the alternative of simply removing the failed device and leaving those remaining to pick up the slack, especially given that they’ve got as many miles on the odometer as the failed example.

I intend replacing all 18 caps with the suggested replacement as that seems to be the closest match with what’s in stock…will keep you posted on the result.

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Yes let us know how it turns out, thanks.