Identify capacitor

Nees assistance in identifying this Capacitor.
For Automotive use
Thanks in advance

1500 uF (Q)
40 V-

It is what the picture shows. It’s an Epcos B41692 series capacitor. It’s 1500uF, and rated for 40v. Pretty sure they’re obsolete, but looks like you can find them easily online.

You can check out this capacitor as a possible alternate. It’s not obsolete, but it looks like it’s not in stock here at Digikey.

Good luck!

Thank you for the reply, can you provide online seller? Thanks,

slycer2002 is correct. These appear to be obsolete, and we do not have any remaining stock in the EPCOS capacitor. I found 2 possible alternates for you. Click here for 399-PEG227KKL4150ME4-ND, and Click here for 4532PHBK-ND. Please check the specs and the datasheets.

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