Hi all,
I’m trying to work with the as3933 using a demo board that comes with a sender/receiver.
I know how to use/setup the registers to have the receiver detect a given wake up signal and receive data.
However, I’m setting up the receiver (little keyfob) with the pattern correlation off and DAT_MASK disabled to be able to observe the entire demodulated incoming signal (carrier burst+preamble+pattern+data).

This entire demodulated signal should be now accessible on the DAT pin (according to the datasheet).

I’m basically trying to read the data from the DAT pin using an arduino uno: I simply connect the to the DAT pin and do a digitalread() but can’t see to find anything consistent.

My goal is to read the wake-up pattern + data. According to the spec I should see a bunch of 1’s coming from the carrier burst, then some bits for the preambles (1010) and then the pattern+data but nothing there. I even tried to set an interrupt on the WAKE pin (since data starts on rising WAKE) to narrow down where the pattern/data would be but no luck.

Anyone with experience reading and exploiting the data coming from the DAT pin on the as3933 ?

Thanks !

bump in case someone can help

Thanks for your inquiry Tomas,

Unfortunately, I have no experience with this part. I’ve reached out to the manufacturer with this inquiry and I’ll update you with any helpful information I receive from them.

thank you !

So is it so that you could see the data when DAT_MASK is enabled (= 1), but nothing comes out when it is disabled (= 0)?
First thing to check is that all other bits in register 0 go right when you disable the DAT_MASK. So read out the R0 register content when all is functional and write the content back with DAT_MASK forced to 0 to ensure that only the DAT_MASK bit is changed.
Note also that Register 16 may override the DAT pin function.