Configuring wake-up chip AS3933 for 25kHz


I am trying to use the AS3933 wake up chip and configure it to work at carrier frequency of 25 kHz, clock 28.125 kHz, with Manchester pattern, single pattern. This means 32 bits, or equivalently 16 Manch. symbols. I can get it working at 125 kHz but for some reason it doesn’t at 20 kHz.

Is there any issue with this specific configuration?

T burst = 7 ms
Bit rate 1 kbps
Bit duration in # of clocks 30
Preamble length 6 bits (or equivalently 3 symbols) i.e. 101010 before Manch. code.

Hello raff5184,

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There are Engineers that monitor the TechForum, and I will let them dive into this.
Hopefully one of them will be familiar with using this type of IC chip.

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