Associated circuit breaker for power entry module 486-1098-ND

Is there a corresponding circuit breaker part that I need to purchase separately for the power entry module 486-1098-ND (Schurter DF12.2851.9110.1)?


Hello mphatak68,

Thank you for your TechForum inquiry. This series uses the TA45 Series (click here) circuit breaker which are built-in and will not need to be purchased separately. These are a circuit breaker in the real sense, as in they are resettable, unlike when this term is used for a switch or a fuse.

Thanks Ryan_2724.

I have 3 DF12 units in my office so I cannot look at them now, but I was unable to locate the reset switch on the back of the circuit breaker. On the Schurter website it is also not immediately apparent, hence I thought that the CB itself was a separate module.

Can you please point out where the switch is located on the following datasheet?

Or maybe the front (illuminated) rocker switch is the reset switch?

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It appears to me that the normal switch actuator would be the mechanism used to reset the overcurrent protection in that device. The referenced datasheet does include a characterization of time-to-trip behavior, so it’s unlikely that the term “circuit breaker” is used in this case as an unartful synonym for “switch”. Typically, resetting such devices involves moving the switch to the “off” position, then to “on”.

Thanks for your assistance, rick_1976. Much appreciated.

Regards, Manoj