Help identifying this Power Module

Hi everyone, I’m hoping someone can help me identify this power module so that i can purchase the replacement.
This part is located in my Time Base Corrector system but when i go to plug it into the wall socket, the GFCI outlet trips.
So I’m assuming its this power module that needs replacing.
There are many power modules in this online store and although I can match the 120v and 3A, I think I also need to match the L C C numbers located on this module, and that is where I’m stuck.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forum:

Generally, the filter portion is trying to control a frequency or a band of frequencies from coming into your circuitry on the power line.

Alot depends on the surrounding environment as to whether this is a critical point to match.

Doing an internet search, I did get allot of hits on the part number A03GEN2D23 but did not see stock at any company I recognize.

Hopefully you will get more techs weighing in on which part would be the best cross for your unit.

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I’d be concerned first about something that fits reasonably well. 5120.4073.0 is the closest I’m finding in stock at this point. It’d be nice to match attenuation curves etc, but in a repair context something close will likely get the job done.

Plus, there’s no guarantee that the pictured unit is at fault, though it’s certainly possible. If the GFCI trips immediately upon being reset with the unit plugged in, that’d be a fair indication that something within the device is leaking from line to ground. Might be within this device, or somewhere farther down.the chain.

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Thank you both for you help in trying to find this part.