Help identifying power system part

What is this part? I need help identifying the part in the picture. 14 pin D-type converter monitor?

I believe pin one is in the upper left corner. it appears to be a voltage monitor/regulator/converter with connections to an MCU. MCU connections may be for ADC, I2C, or GPIO?

2nd image shows pins 2, 3, 4 connected to system voltages. Pins 5, 6, and 7 go to the MCU.

I am sorry I cannot identify the part.

Can anyone say what that package type is properly/formally called? The 3x4 pin distribution should have a unique identifier, shouldn’t it?

Yes, this has become a real challenge. I expect the part may be replaced by a newer version/design.

Hello @james.kennedy

Saw this on a USB controller so not the same part but they are calling out a QWFN14 package and it appears to be laid out similarly to your ic.



Hey! That helps. Thank you, all, for your efforts on this difficult part.

What company made that USB part?

OnSemi -

Here is a link to the datasheet.


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Thank you, Robert.

I keep
hoping that someday, someone will recognize this unique part.


It’s interesting how the package marked QSAB JTH has little stubs sticking out of the WQFN14-like package. I wonder if that pre-dated the clipped stubs (the β€œN”?) of the WQFN14?

Looks like TI calls a very similar looking package a 14-UQFN also. It’s 2.5mm square. For example, the LMH6554LEE/NOPB has this package type. Part markings are different, so this is not it either, but this gives you an additional package type to search for.